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Intimate / High-Interaction / Premium-Priced

For Top Decision-Makers


Big Picture / Vision / Connection

1. China, India and the Dynamics of Global Leadership in the 21st Century

2. Is The US Finished as Superpower ???

3. The 21st Century World Economy

4. Iraq / Iran / Israel / Palestine:
Is the Middle East An Unsolvable Mess ???

5. Surfing the Symbolic Tsunami:
Life in the Global Media Society

For 21st Century Professionals


Advancement / Skills / Networking

1. Critical Thinking for Creative Leadership

2. Business Communication
  • Email
  • Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Listening
  • Difficult Situations

3. Strategic Forecasting

4. MediAnalysis

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Career Development

Critical Thinking for New Economy / High-Tech Professionals

MediAnalysis for Media Professionals

Advanced English Language for Executives

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David Caploe
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Lecture 1
Transition and Introduction to Political Economy

Part I – The Schools of Political Economy

Lecture 2
Neo-Classical Economics

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Part II – The Ideologies/Dominant Myths of Political Economy

Lecture 6

Lecture 7

Part III – The Great Powers and the World Political Economy from Ancient Greece to the Internet

Lecture 8
Ancient Prologue: The Political Economy of The Peloponnesian War

Lecture 9
Europe 1350 - 1815: A Political / Military / Strategic Outline

Lecture 10
W. Arthur Lewis and The Evolution of the International Economic Order

Lecture 11
The British Empire and The Rise of Germany: 1815–1914

Lecture 12
Europe 's Second Thirty Years' War: 1914–1945

Lecture 13
The Structural Dynamics of the US-Centered World Political Economy: 1945–Present

Lecture 14
The Golden Age of the US-Centered WPE: 1945–1959

Lecture 15
US-Centered WPE: Trouble In Paradise: 1959–1973

Lecture 16
The Age of OPEC: 1973–1982

Lecture 17
The Rise of the PC Economy and The End of the Cold War: 1982–1989

Lecture 18
The US Triumphant and The Birth of the Internet Economy: 1989–2000

Lecture 19
The Political Economy of the Global Media Society: 2000 Forward

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