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Big Picture / Vision / Connection

1. China, India and the Dynamics of Global Leadership in the 21st Century

2. Is The US Finished as Superpower ???

3. The 21st Century World Economy

4. Iraq / Iran / Israel / Palestine:
Is the Middle East An Unsolvable Mess ???

5. Surfing the Symbolic Tsunami:
Life in the Global Media Society

For 21st Century Professionals


Advancement / Skills / Networking

1. Critical Thinking for Creative Leadership

2. Business Communication
  • Email
  • Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Listening
  • Difficult Situations

3. Strategic Forecasting

4. MediAnalysis

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David Caploe
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The Birth of the Modern:
From the Italian Renaissance through English Romantic Poetry

Lecture 1
Transition and Introduction To Western Cultural History

Lecture 2
Italian Renaissance

Lecture 3
Northern Renaissance and Protestant Reformation

Lecture 4
Baroque Theory

Lecture 5
Baroque Painting and Culture

Lecture 6
Louis XIV and the Nationalization of Culture Overview/Politics/Religion

Lecture 7
The Life of Louis XIV

Lecture 8
Louis XIV, Moliere, and The Birth of a National Cultural Institutional Infrastructure

Lecture 9
The Cultural Politics of Liberalism Enlightenment/Romanticism/Revolution

Lecture 10
The English Crucible: Absolutism, Civil War and Puritanism: 16251660

Lecture 11
The Crucial Turning Point: The Glorious Revolution of 1688 and England from 1660 to 1756

Lecture 12
The French Enlightenment and the Old Regime: 16851789

Lecture 13
Enlightenment, Liberalism and The Dynamics of the American Revolution and Experience

Lecture 14
Rousseau, Romanticism, and The French Revolution through The Rise and Fall of Napoleon

Lecture 15
Enlightenment, Romanticism, and the Birth of "Modern" European Culture: Germany from Frederick II to Hegel

Lecture 16
The Flowering of Cultural Liberalism: English Romantic Poetry: 17891830

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